Missouri Fox Trotter Registry

Our Mission

The Missouri Fox Trotter Registry was created to register any horse, mule or pony with Missouri Fox Trotter blood and to keep a record of their ancestors and offspring; without the need for Blood Typing or DNA testing that can be very expensive.  The registry is for the owner's use because their registrations pay the bills.

The MoFTR is an attempt to get back to the basics of the old time Missouri Fox Trotter when the Horse was an important part of a family's wealth and recreation.  We always strive to keep our cost low and furnish our customers a Certificate of Registration that they can be proud to show and display with pride.

Our Registry is very cost consciouscomputerized and with the aid of the Web, able to reach horse lovers all over the world with fast and efficient service.  Upon Registration, the horse owner will receive a professionally printed Certificate of Registration that he or she can be proud to own and display.


Registration Requirements

The application must be accompanied by 4 color photos, one of each side, one front, and one back. Good photos are important since one of these photos will be used on the Registration Certificate.

The Registration fee is $25.00.



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Contact Information

Postal address
Missouri Fox Trotter Registry
13572 CR 510
          Kennett, MO  63857
Electronic mail

Webmaster: horses@moftr.com